Welcome to wojennysacz.pl – a unique educational platform that contains research papers, sources, film shorts, podcasts and more.

The “War-time Nowy Sącz” is a web page containing a map of Nowy Sącz with 9 educational paths through the streets of the city, marking important locations related to the history of the city in the occupation period.  In addition, it contains 16 popular science articles written by historians and researchers, and the biographies of people related to Nowy Sącz also preapred by them; there’s also over a hundred archival photographs, three short films presenting the stories of three women connected with Nowy Sącz and their histories from the occupation period, fragments of testimonies of those who have survived the occupation, witnesses of history, 3 podcasts and ready lesson plans that teachers can use, as well as other sources and materials from the occupation period.  The site that we created and launched in 2022 will be gradually developed and more content and memorabilia that we will find in the future will be published here.

A lot of the content of the website comes from private collections, and so we also encourage you to help us develop it by sharing your family mementos, to help us fill in the gaps in the picture of the war period history of Nowy Sącz, make it more complete and give all those interested in the period an easy and user-friendly way to use the rich collection gathered on it.

The project was initiated by the Nomina Rosae Foundation, that was granted funding from the German EVZ Foundation in 2021 within the local.history program. It started in 2021–2022, in a broad partnership with institutions and organizations from Nowy Sącz and beyond.

We invite all those interested to contact us; we will be happy to hear any feedback, comments and suggestions. We also hope that this website will not only be ours, but that it will become a common collection of content; neither its form nor content are permanent, we want it to continue to grow and add new articles and materials to it over time.