Terror in the Sącz Region

Jewish cemetery on Rybacka Str. The execution site of Polish and Jewish people. It is estimated that even 2000 people could have been killed

Labor Camps in the Sącz region

Labor Camp in Rożnów (the precise location was not identified) The creation of the first labor camp was connected to the construction of the

Holocaust in Nowy Sącz

Ghetto (for the non-working) Initially, the border of the Nowy Sącz ghetto was supposed to be a line starting at the Dunajec River (where

Education in the Occupied Nowy Sącz

Jesuit Father’s Order House, Piotra Skargi 10 Str. Because the Jesuit religious studies centers in Kraków and Lublin had to be closed, by the

Women of Nowy Sącz

House of Anna Sokołowska Home Army contact mail box Villa Marya, Jagiellońska 60 Str. Family house of Helena Barbacka Clock on the Town Hall

Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Nowy Sącz

“Dom Harcerza” (Scout’s House), Wąsowiczów 8 Str. The headquarters of the Polish scouting organization before the outbreak of the war (as well as today).

The Righteous of Nowy Sącz

The Town Hall Clock – Market Square, Stefan Mazur At the beginning of August 1942, a few days before the final liquidation of the