War-time Triptych. Jadwiga

“War-time Triptych. Part I: Jadwiga” The first film of the "War Triptych" trilogy, which was created within the "War-time Nowy Sącz" project, tells

War-time Triptych. Berta

“War-time Triptych. Part II: Berta” The main character of the second film in the War-time Nowy Sącz trilogy is Berta Korennman, a girl

War-time Triptych. Helena

“War-time Triptych. Part III: Helena” In the last part of the trilogy, we told the story of Helena Barbacka-Ślepiakowa, a young woman who


On 23 August 1942 the German occupying forces began the deportation of the Jewish people from the Nowy Sącz ghetto to the extermination

Jadwiga Wolska

We are sharing an archival video which has been given to us by people connected with the former Medical High School in Nowy