“War-time Triptych. Part II: Berta”

The main character of the second film in the War-time Nowy Sącz trilogy is Berta Korennman, a girl who was sentenced to death during the war due to her Jewish ancestry. With the help of a young man, Stefan Mazur, she fled from the ghetto, and for a while she was hiding in the clock tower of the town hall. The story of Berta is told by a historian, the president of the EUROS –Wind from the East Foundation, Anna Żalińska, and the situation of the Jewish population in Nowy Sącz is described by historian Artur Franczak.

The film premiered on-line on October 15 at 20.00 on our YouTube channel.
Link: https://youtu.be/fTjq799xaCU

Short documentary movie with dramatized costume scenes[the film includes subtitles for the hearing impaired in Polish and English languages] Written and directed by: dr. Maria Molenda
Cinematography and editing: Jakub Szydłowski
Starring as Berta Korennman: Karolina Konicka
In other roles: Jakub Głukowski, Anna Lenczewska, Jan Korwin-Kochanowski and others.
Production Manager: Grzegorz Pyka.
Costumes: Michał Cieślik and Magdalena Cieślik.
In collaboration with: Vintage Bicycles Association – Zabrze, Feldgrau Historical Association.

While preparing for the premiere, we spoke to Karolina Konicka, the actress playing the role of Berta.
You can read her answers to a few short questions here: