“War-time Triptych. Part III: Helena”

In the last part of the trilogy, we told the story of Helena Barbacka-Ślepiakowa, a young woman who was active in the underground resistance and was a paramedic of the partisan troop of Julian Zubek “Tatar”. The story of Helena is told by her daughter, Monika Ślepiak.

The film premiered on-line on October 22 at 20.00 on our YouTube channel.
LINK:  https://youtu.be/8qW_IYt3NOE

Short documentary movie with dramatized costume scenes[the film includes subtitles for the hearing impaired in Polish and English languages] Written and directed by: dr. Maria Molenda
Cinematography and editing: Jakub Szydłowski
Starring as Helena Barbacka-Ślepiakowa: Irena Michalska
In the other roles: Elwira Michalska, Igor Szewczyk and others.
Production Manager: Grzegorz Pyka.
Costumes: Michał Cieślik and Magdalena Cieślik.
In collaboration with: Vintage Bicycles Association – Zabrze, Feldgrau Historical Association.

In preparation for the premiere, we have asked Irena Michalska, the actress playing Helena, a few questions.
You can read her answers by clicking the link below: