House of Anna Sokołowska

Home Army contact mail box

Villa Marya, Jagiellońska 60 Str.

Family house of Helena Barbacka

Clock on the Town Hall Tower

The place where Berta Korennman was hidden

House at Kraszewskiego 22 Str.

Berta Korenman’s house

Dobrzański’s watchmaker workshop

The workplace of Stefan Mazur, who helped Berta Korenman escape the ghetto and the city of Nowy Sącz

Hospital on Młyńska Str.

The workplace of Helena and Stanisław Stuchły. From here the escape of Jan Karski was organized, in the operation “Hospital” or “S” (from Polish ‘Szpital’)

House of Helena and Stanislaw Stuchły

House of Hermina Templer

House at Pierackiego 10 Str. (today: Grodzka Str.)

Place of residence of Wladyslawa Jeleń

House at Grodzka 39 Str.

Place of residence and arrest of Maria and Ewa Kardaszewicz

Stefaniszyn sisters’ family home

Tenement House at Main Square 10

Sichrawa family house and office

White Monastery of Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

One of the food dispensing points for children created by the Central Welfare Council

House at Kunegundy 14 Str.

Place of residence of the Stobiecki family

The Queen Jadwiga School

The workplace of Celina Stobiecka

Cemetery on Rejtana Str.

Final resting place of Zofia Janczy, Maria Kardaszewicz, Ewa Kardaszewicz, Maria Stobiecki and Alina Stobiecki, as well as others

House at Kunegundy 15 Str.

Halina Szurmiak’s home

House at Batorego 78 Str.

Teresa Harsdorf-Bromowicz

House at Żółkiewskiego 17 Str.

Post-war place of residence of Zofia Janczy

House at Matejki 2 Str.

Zofia Rysiówna’s family home

House at Tatrzańska 6 Str.

Place of residence of Jadwiga Wolska

The headquarters of the Delegation

The workplace of Jadwiga Wolska

Świętego Ducha 2 Str.

One of the food dispensing points for children created by the Central Welfare Council in Nowy Sącz

Boys’ Home, Kraszewskiego 44 Str.

A Boy’s Home was created at this address at the initiative of Jadwiga Wolska